Colds and Flu

TCM for the common coldThe common cold has many forms in traditional Chinese medicine. The most common forms fall under the categories of wind cold and wind heat. As is the nature of exterior disorders involving wind, the pattern may change very quickly, necessitating a change in treatment strategy over the course of an illness. In all the forms a cold, as well as a cough or the flu, may take, prompt treatment brings the most effective results. The longer one waits to treat an infectious disease, the longer it takes to clear the pathogen. Read more...

(Colds brought on by) Wind Cold

This type of cold implies exposure of the skin to wind and cold. It may be contracted by exposure to cold or damp weather or air conditioning and is often contracted when the pores are open, such as following exercise. The most common symptom is acute headache. It can also invade the lungs directly causing a runny nose with a clear watery discharge.
Formulas for wind cold are effective in taken immediately at the first sign of symptoms. It is traditionally recommended to take a hot bath and drink hot tea.
Discontinue the use of other herbal products, especially tonic formulas, when fighting wind cold ailments.

Wrapping a scarf around your throat is an excellent way to protect yourself from Wind Cold!

(Colds brought on by) Wind Heat

Like Wind Cold, Wind Heat can also cause the common cold. In this instance, Wind Heat refers to an array of symptoms that include sore throat, low grade fever, yellow phlegm, dry cough, dry nose or eyes, stuffy nose and, occasionally, yellow nasal discharge. Wind Heat formulas address upper respiratory viral infections.
Contrary to conventional western medicine wisdom that there is no real cure for the common cold, common colds can be effectively and quickly reated with Chinese herbal products if administered early and in greater frequency than implied by the label. As with Wind Cold formulas, it is best to discontinue other herbal products, especially tonic formulas. Also, avoid spicy and greasy food during Wind Heat events.

Early stages, marked by sore throat, stuffy nose, headache and slight aching can be addressed with San Ju Yin or Yin Chiao formulas. If symptoms increase in severity or products have not produced the disred effects within eighteen hours, it may be advisable to try products with a stronger antiviral component, such as Gan Mao Ling.

We recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, physician, veterinarian, or other trusted health care practitioner before using any products, taking any nutritional supplements, beginning any course of treatment, or if you have any questions regarding your health or the health of your pet.